Friday, 6 April 2012


Visual artist Joel Clifford has created a series of artworks, each one relating to a track from my forthcoming album August. These will be exhibited at the Orange Dot Gallery in Bloomsbury, London from 9 May 2012. 

This is a multi-media exhibition. Each artwork has been assigned a QR code. By scanning these codes with a smartphone, exhibition visitors will be able to stream the audio track associated with each artwork on their phone. Visitors are hence advised to bring a smartphone with headphones to the gallery to experience the exhibition in full.

Visitor Instructions

  1. Install a QR code reader on your smartphone (we recommend QR Reader, available free with ads for iPhone from the App Store and Android from the Android Market, or £0.69 for ads-free version)
  2. When viewing an artwork open the QR code reader app
  3. Point your smartphone camera at QR code beside the artwork.
  4. Your phone should open a webpage containing an image of the artwork the code relates to. Below this you should see a SoundCloud music player. Click play on the player to stream the audio track associated with the artwork.
Full details can be found on the exhibition site.

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